New Liability Trackside Cover


Incorporated Insurance Group Announces New Trackside Cover

‘IIGL Are On The Right Track’

Incorporated Insurance Group Ltd (IIGL) are delighted to announce that from 1st December they are due to launch a new facility for Contractors Insurance who predominantly work ‘Trackside’.

Dean Surridge, Underwriting Manager, explains the reason behind the new product ‘Where Contractors win a new contract repairing local train stations or building new facilities on railway land they often forget that ‘Trackside’ is usually excluded from their liability cover. This leads to their broker frantically scouring the market to find a carrier who can accommodate this increased risk. At IIGL, we have developed a new facility that allows these Contractors to include this work as part of our Contractors All Incorporated product. With a wide policy wording and competitive rates; we aim to become our broker’s first choice for Trackside risks’.

Mike Smith, Chief Executive, explains further ‘With the proposed HS2 (High Speed Rail Link) due to start work shortly, there will be an increase in demand for Contractors working trackside so we have developed this product to fulfil this new opportunity. It’s yet another example of how we have worked with our regional brokers to develop a product that helps them win and retain business. When we started to research the market we realised how difficult it was for our brokers to place this business so we knew we were on the right track.’