HVAC Contractors Scheme

HVAC Contractors Scheme

IIGL have always been known for providing innovative solutions when the market gets tough; none more so than on contracting trades where our years of experience and quality A rated capacity providers have led the market in innovation.


Our new scheme is now available on IIGLOO and can includes the following benefits

Key Benefits of the HVAC Scheme:

  • Turnover/Wages rated basis
  • PL and EL limits up to £50m
  • No height limit
  • High hazard locations
  • Accidental discovery of Asbestos cover
  • Removal of non-licenced asbestos cover available
  • Defective workmanship
  • Financial loss
  • Pollution clean up costs
  • Discounts available
    • Number of years claims free
    • Trade Association Memberships
    • Health & Safety
    • Size discounts
    • Number of years established
    • Broker held

HVAC Scheme benefits:

  • Exclusive scheme to IIGL
  • Competitive rates
  • ‘A’ Rated UK based Insurers
  • UK based claims
  • Up to 18 months policies available
  • £250 H&S Voucher included
  • Minimum Premiums from £500
  • Contractors All Incorporated
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Legal Expenses
    • Directors & Officers
    • Contractors Property
    • Contractors All Risks