Health and Safety Programme

Health & Safety Programme

We have developed a bespoke website for our small to medium sized clients that provides businessses with a robust and proactive service that enables organisations to comply with the requirements of Health and Safety and Human Resource Legislation and Regulations.


Our aim is to offer a service, which will enable all members:

  • To create or improve business practices within their working environment
  • To ensure understanding and compliance with current legislation
  • To actively manage processes and the working environment for the benefit of staff and visitors
  • To help demonstrate effective risk and staff management to their Insurer thereby aiding the purchase of Liability Insurance and promote a comfortable and informed working environment

Our Health & Safety website is written in plain-English, making it a simple one-stop-shop for business managers to understand and manage their workplaces confidently and effectively. Giving them a safety net of Experts who at the click of a button can provide support and advice on request.

Employment legislation and Health and Safety compliance. In the current working environment even minor accidents or disputes can have potentially litigious and costly consequences.

The Site covers five key areas to assist businesses in their day to day management:

Health & Safety
– Provides the ability to undertake a self-assessment, all the documentation required to create working practices and offers bespoke advice on numerous trades.

Human Resource
– Provides support for HR by not only offering advice and guidance but also providing useful templates for things like employment contracts, appraisals and staff handbooks.

Disaster Recovery
– Enables the business to create a robust Continuity Plan then load it onto our website to ensure true separation from the businesses own IT structure.

Driving Risk
– Creates a database of all employees who drive for work then helps the administrator ensure that they keep track of then and their vehicles to ensure they are compliant with the Health & Safety regulations.

Ask The Expert
– We employ a team of Health & Safety consultants to provide email based helpline to answer those difficult issues that cannot be accommodated on the site.

For a small annual payment, the site provides invaluable information and guidance which will be relevant to any business and helps keep the business compliant