New Liability Airside Cover


Incorporated Insurance Group Announces New Airside Cover

‘IIGL Access All Areas’

The problem…

Ever been asked to place Contractors insurance where they work ‘Airside’ and realised that their policy excludes this activity?

The solution….

Incorporated Insurance Group Ltd (IIGL) are delighted to announce the launch of a new Contractors Insurance product for Airside Liability. With premium from just £500 we believe we can create a package that will help our brokers win and retain these clients.

How does it work….

The expression ‘airside’ refers to any area of the airport with restricted access past the perimeter fence and security gates, such as the terminals, taxiways and runways. Even if the contractor is just mowing the lawns or changing a light bulb they are required to have liability cover for third party property damage and bodily injury which can be up to £100m. If a Contractor’s work requires them to operate ‘airside’ they usually need to apply for an Airside Operators Licence (AOL). As part of the vetting process they need to evidence adequate insurance cover however, ‘airside’ is usually excluded from liability policies creating a headache for the broker trying to find cover.

Who else writes these risks…..

The established markets tend to be with a couple of the national brokers who allow brokers to access their schemes however, many brokers don’t like to take this route as they are supporting their competitors. We have therefore worked with our insurer partners to create a facility for companies, contractors and individuals who need to work ‘airside’.

Why deal with IIGL…..

Our aim is to help our regionally based brokers grow their businesses through providing facilities that make them better than the competition. Releasing our ‘Airside’ Liability Scheme moves us another step closer to us achieving this goal

Where can I get a quote…..

If you already have an agency with us then send your quotes in to If you don’t have an agency then simply go online to and fill in an application form to see if you are eligible for an agency.