IIGL PRESS RELEASE – IIGL Has The Key For Non Standard Property Owners


Incorporated Insurance Group Announces New Property Owners Cover

‘IIGL Has The Key For Non Standard Property Owners’

As the price of buying ‘bricks and mortar’ continues to soar, the rental market is predicted to continue to flourish creating increased demand for Landlords to provide suitable commercial and residential properties. With that demand comes a need for the Landlord to accept tenants with high risk trades and residents who are ‘non-professionals’ which leads to a headache for their insurance broker as these are often risks sitting outside the parameters of many of the composite insurers.

One MGA looking to support brokers in placing these risks is Incorporated Insurance Group (IIGL) who have launched a new Non Standard Property Owners insurance product for Landlords.

Mike Smith, CEO of IIGL comments ‘The market is awash with capacity for ‘vanilla’ property risks however, when it comes to Non-Standard or High Risk property the Broker tends to struggle to find a market. We have therefore launched a new product that will help our independent regional brokers place these risks. Our product offers property owners a wide range of tenancy types at competitive premiums.

√             Let properties (Professional/Students/DSS) including portfolios

√             Unoccupied residential and commercial properties with optional full perils

√             Multi-tenure properties damage

√             Non-standard construction properties residential and commercial

√             Land owners, including development sites, grazing land, woodland

√             Landlords with CCJ’s, previous Bankruptcy and Criminal Convictions

√             Extensive list of high risk tenancy types

√             High risk postcodes considered

Our policy wording and coverage is also very comprehensive

√             Cover for Buildings, Landlords Contents, Loss of Rent and Liabilities

√             Alternative accommodation for residential lets following accidental damage

√             Up to £10 million limit for property owners liability

√             Fire, full perils including theft, malicious damage and subsidence cover as standard

√             Loss of Rent cover up to 100% of Residential Buildings Sum Insured

√             Excesses from just £50

√             Short period policies

√             Quick quote turnaround

√             ‘A’ Rated Insurers

Mike Smith continues ‘Working on the development of this product with our brokers; we understand that not every risk is standard and that every building and circumstance is different! So our new product should help our brokers to win and retain landlord’s business’.

Brokers are requested to call us today on 0333 577 0477 for further information. For a quote they simply send us the information at quotes@iigl.co.uk