Asbestos The Hidden Killer

An All–Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Safety and Health has decided to accelerate the planned removal of all asbestos still in place. It is pushing for legislation which includes a timetable to eradicate asbestos in the British workplace. It is also looking for all home-buyers’ surveys to include asbestos reports along with a national programme of asbestos surveys.

The latest numbers suggest that five thousand people die every year in the UK as a result of exposure to asbestos and t is believed that half a million non-domestic buildings and a million domestic buildings still have asbestos containing materials.

The recommendations include:

  • All rented domestic homes, commercial and public premises should register a survey with the H&SE by 2022
  • House Surveys before a sale can take place.
  • All refurbishment work where asbestos is present should include its removal by 2028
  • All asbestos to be removed by 2035

Mike Smith, CEO of Incorporated Insurance Group (IIGL), commented ‘I think that this proposal will have a real impact on what is expected of Contractors in the future. Not only will they have to work closely with Asbestos Surveyors and the H&SE but it is likely that they will be asked to also undertake the removal of the low level asbestos materials. Therefore, it is likely that Brokers will receive an increase demand from their Contractors to include the removal of non-notifiable asbestos in their coverage. Unfortunately, many insurers find this hard to accommodate which may leave their Contracting Clients without the necessary cover or looking for an alternative carrier’.

Mike continued ’At IIGL, we specialise in High Risk Contractors Liability insurance so understand that this may be an issue for brokers which is why we have arranged a number of exclusive ‘A’ rated capacity providers that will be able to accommodate the client’s changing needs. Hopefully, this will be good news for our independently owned local brokers as it’s another example of how we can work together to win and retain business. Brokers are requested to contact IIGL on 0333 577 0477 or email their presentations to