IIGL Launches Underwriters Incorporated

Underwriters Incorporated is a Limited Liability Partnership led by Mike Smith (Senior Partner) who has many years’ experience in running Insurers, MGAs and Brokers.

Mike comments:- “I wanted to create a business that made me want to work there. We have a great working environment and we have already attracted a great team of like-minded talented people who all share in the profitability of the business: in fact profits are shared out even if we only make £1. The business has no debt, there is no private equity bank forcing us into a short term sale and our backers are keen for us to revolutionise the market.”

Doing it differently:

  • Latest portable technology allowing you to work anywhere
  • Partners get a share in the income and profit share
  • Annual team trip
  • Sport & social
  • Birthday holiday
  • Partners have a say in the running of the business
  • Share in the equity on any sale

So if you want to find out more about becoming a partner call Mike on 0845 5199 050 or email us at careers@iigl.co.uk.