IIGL Wants to give Brokers a stress free Christmas

With Christmas is fast approaching, many trades traditionally start to wind down for the Christmas period so getting hold of decision makers in these businesses is often impossible. Closing for the holidays is great news for the employees and their families but often creates issues for the insurance profession.

Depending when the Bank Holiday’s fall can be the deciding factor as to whether the business is closed for one or two full weeks. With the 2013 festive holidays being mid-week, most companies appear to be shutting for the whole two week period. This means they close from the 20th December until 6th January for their annual break.

Lyndsey Thompson, Head of Operations at Incorporated Insurance Group Ltd (IIGL), explains ‘With many trades closing over the Christmas period, the insurance industry has to try to condense four weeks work into the first two weeks of the month to ensure that they can offer renewal terms to their clients. This can be a trying time for many brokers who struggle to get renewal terms from their existing carrier in order to put together their clients renewal offer’.

Lyndsey continues ‘At IIGL, we pride ourselves in delivering excellent service to our supporting brokers so why not try us with your renewals:- 

  • Same Day Quotes
  • Same Day Policy Issue
  • Exclusive Quotes
  • Wide Policy Wordings
  • A Rated Insurers
  • Generous Commissions
  • Knowledgeable Underwriters

We understand our brokers need us at this time of year so have recruited additional staff to ensure that we can not only meet demand but help brokers with renewal business where their existing insurer has been too slow to produce the renewal terms.

Mike Smith, Chief Executive Officer for IIGL concludes ‘Christmas should be a wonderful time of the year but the time pressures put on brokers by some insurers can make it a very stressful time. I’m pleased to say that the IIGL Team are geared up and ready to support our loyal brokers to ensure they have a stress free Christmas’.

So if you too are struggling to get all your December and January business renewed before next Friday call IIGL on 0845 5199050 or email enquiries@iigl.co.uk to see how IIGL can help you build your business.