IIGL Rates Aren’t Set In Stone

Stone Masons and Stone Cutters often find it hard to purchase good quality insurance due to the heavy nature of their trade. Not only have they the issue of working with cutting equipment, with all the related fire risks that this brings, but they also often work at height on buildings; making it an unacceptable risk for some insurers.

One insurer however, Incorporated Insurance Group Ltd (IIGL) appear to have come up with a solution. Dean Surridge, Head of Contractors for IIGL reveals more ‘We are delighted that we have obtained facilities to provide combined liability cover for Stone Masons and Stone Cutters. The risks involved in this trade often make it a hard risk to insure the liabilities  but we have designed a contract that incorporates our Health & Safety Service to assist policyholders in handling their exposures. We have designed a Standard Cover and, for well-run risks,  we have created a Superior Cover incorporating several additional covers.

Mike Smith, CEO of IIGL, added ‘It’s great to see that are adding another facility to our growing broker offering. The flexibility we have on this scheme means that we can really go ‘all out’ to pick up good quality risks as “our rates aren’t stuck in stone!”

So if you are a broker with clients who are Stone Masons or Stone Cutters and you are finding it hard to place, why not give IIGL a try on 0845 5199 050 or email them at enquiries@iigl.co.uk.