IIGL Fights The Bandits

With the high levels of competition within the insurance market place, quality customer service should be a part of any successful brokers strategy. Lyndsey Thompson, Head Of Operations, at Incorporated Insurance Group Ltd (IIGL) has been looking at how the market interacts with its brokers ‘We hear from the market that service standards are slipping. This is in a range of areas from quotations to the production of policy documentation and claims; leading to frustration with the brokers who look to provide a quality service for their clients’.

 ‘At IIGL we look to make a real difference to our brokers by giving them unique products and excellent service to help them win and retain business. We feel that brokers are tired of dealing with insurers who act like Cowboys riding rough shod over their clients. We believe there is a space in the market for a company to help champion their cause’.

 It would appear that IIGL have taken this a stage further by producing a note of their Magnificent Seven in tribute to the 1960’s western movie starring Yul Brynner.

 IIGL’s Magnificent Seven (and what that means to IIGL’s agents)

 1.  Unique Covers (Products developed to help you protect your business)

2.  Great Service (Provide your client with all their documentation instantly)

3.  Open 24/7 (Our online service allows you to trade with us on your time table not ours)

4.  Knowledgeable Team (If you’re not sure about a risk we have an experienced team to bounce your ideas off)

5.  Exclusive quotes (Work exclusively with our team to win new business)

6.  Silent Reviews (We are able to keep your client information restricted to a hand full of people allowing you to outwit the market)

7.  Restricted Agency Base (Help you win and retain clients by IIGL not dealing with nationals or consolidators)

Mike Smith, CEO of IIGL, added ‘We’ve always been fans of this film. We like the way that a small band of people help a large Mexican village whose livelihood is being ruined by bandits. The parallels drawn in our Magnificent Seven list shows how our small team within IIGL are helping brokers defend their clients’.

It’s certainly a tongue in cheek way approach but something that seems to be earning them much respect. So if you’re not already dealing with IIGL and would like someone to ‘fight your corner’ why not give them a call 0845 5199 050 or email them at marketing@iigl.co.uk