IIGL Conference 2018

IIGL Conference 2018 –LAS VEGAS

To celebrate five years trading, IIGL wanted to have a prestigious venue for it’s 2018 Conference.

Following the torrential rain in Dublin at the last conference which hampered some of the events; the IIGL Team were determined not to let weather get in the way this year. After much searching hot sunny venues they picked a desert location and enjoyed 30c heat in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas.

Caesars Palace hosted the 2018 Conference and provided an excellent base on The Strip to facilitate the Conference events
The whole of the IIGL team were invited to the Conference held in March to discuss the phenomenal year they had achieved and to celebrate 5 years of trading. The Conference provided a great ‘offsite’ opportunity for the Team to review the past twelve months and agree what needs to be done to ensure continued success going forwards. The Founders got an opportunity to run through some excellent presentations with breakout sessions on GDPR and new product development. The Conference was held over 5 days and provided a chance to bring the team together to celebrate their success.

The Team took the opportunity to visit some shows and also enjoy the dining experience at the world famous Heart Attack Grill where nurses serve up some of the highest calorie rated burgers in the world.
A very productive conference with a clear vision on how IIGL are going to
 develop in the next five years and the agreement of the 2018-2019 financial budget.