FREE Health and Safety/Risk Management Online Programme for all IIGL Contracting Clients

Good Health and Safety is indeed Good Business

Our aim is to offer a service, which will enable all members:

  • to create or improve business practices within their working environment
  • to ensure understanding and compliance with current legislation
  • to actively manage processes and the working environment for the benefit of staff and visitors.
  • to help demonstrate effective risk and staff management to their Insurer thereby aiding the purchase of Liability Insurance and promote a comfortable and informed working environment

We have included a Health and Safety website within, written in practical and plain-English, making it a simple one-stop-shop for business managers to understand and manage their workplaces confidently and effectively. Giving them a safety net of Experts who at the click of a button can provide support and advice on request

Employment legislation and Health and Safety compliance are more than Red Tape and yes, they may cause major headaches for many employers but both are necessary evils. In the current working environment even minor accidents or disputes can have potentially litigious and costly consequences.

Our service will provide you with the means to manage all aspects of staff employment and workplace safety more easily, more effectively and more profitably.

Membership brings access to a wide range of facilities, designed to help you stay compliant with current legislation and with changes as they occur. We will help you from recruitment to the exit interview phase of employment and to develop and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

As insurers increasingly expect businesses to manage these issues well, it is time to proactively manage rather than wait for something to happen.

Our service will help you achieve cost benefits and peace of mind by providing you with the tools and information that will help keep your business compliant. You can view summaries from our Health and Safety and Employment Law online.

The main employee rights are covered in 5 groupings:

  • New Employees
  • During Employment
  • Training and Development
  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Leaving Employment

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