Baby, You Can Drive My C.A.R.

Contractors All Risks (C.A.R.) insurance tends to be one of those products that is controlled by a small number of insurers which makes it difficult for brokers to be able to differentiate their offering when competing to win and retain business. So how can brokers ‘steer’ business in their direction.

Well one Underwriter is looking to help brokers ‘accelerate’ their new business on C.A.R. Incorporated Insurance Group Ltd (IIGL); have developed a new product that understands that brokers often need an edge in the market. Dean Surridge, Head Of Contractors explained their new product ‘We know that this is a restricted market which put certain insurers in ‘pole position’ regardless of whether they provide the broker with a good service’.

It looks like IIGL’s C.A.R. facility will compete well against the established insurers whilst also providing our brokers with additional benefits like exclusive quotations and wide policy wordings.


  • ·         Exclusive Scheme to IIGL
  • ·         ‘A’ Rated Insurer
  • ·         Minimum Premium £500, plus I.P.T.
  • ·         Cover up to £5m any one contract
  • ·         Own tools over up to £250k
  • ·         Employees tools up to £50k
  • ·         20% Escalator Clause
  • ·         Automatic reinstatement
  • ·         Cover anywhere in European Community

Dean continues ‘We’re not only looking to help brokers with individual cases as we can help drive their whole accounts if brokers are interested in doing transfers’.

So, if you have C.A.R. business with any of the established markets and would like to deal with an underwriter who can provide same day service on both quotes and policy issue it looks like you should contact IIGL on 0845 5199050 or email and let IIGL drive your C.A.R.