2020 VISION – Improve your retention with LTA’s

Here’s the Top 5 ways we can help you

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As the market starts to change its an ideal time to lock your clients in. For both new business and existing clients it’s essential that they just don’t lose it the next year so tying the client in makes a lot of sense for them and for you.

Our Long Term Agreement (LTA) is designed to reward better performing policyholders with a stable multiyear insurance solution. The LTA is something that is sparingly offered to our broker partners to help us all band together and jointly retain the client over a longer term, thereby, providing the client with stability in product, pricing and insurer.

Long Term Agreements

–  10% Discounting allows you to pick up new business

–  Pricing tool to help retain your renewals

–  Client signs up to work with you for next three years

–  Clients can budget their 3 year insurance cost

–  Improved renewal retention

–  Protects business being attacked by other brokers

–  Ability to sell additional cover as renewal secured for three years

–  Reduced administration

–  Protect your PI by using insurers that are secure and ‘A’ rated

–  Ability to budget your commission income 

For more information, please contact the Underwriting Team on 0333 577 0477 to discuss how you can add LTA’s to your new business and renewals.